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Yoni Steam And Detox Newport LLC

Deluxe Facial With Purple Sea Moss Mask

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Facial includes steam, skin clearing facial wash, exfoliating, Sea Moss Mask, Facial Toner and Super Hydrate Moisturizer. *products can be used if you have sensitive skin* Sea moss tightens the skin, minimize pores, while it absorbs all the minerals. This is a 60 minute in-store service.

SEA MOSS scientifically known aEucheuma is a genus of red algae (Rhodophyta) notable for its economic importance used as a food for humans and various species of shellfish. Purple sea moss has antioxidants called Anthocyanins, which are associated with other purple and blue vegetables and fruits. Green sea moss has antioxidants called Phycocyanins to prevent oxidative damage and fight free radicals in the body.

  • Iodine and magnesium for thyroid function
  • Collagen for skin, joints & connective tissues
  • Helps muscles recover after an intense workout
  • Reduces mucus, inflammation
  • Balances hormones, increases libido

*Anyone who is sensitive to Iodine or have an overactive thyroid or has chronic low blood pressure should ask your doctor before booking.