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Yoni Steam And Detox Newport LLC

Carpal Tunnel Massage

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This is a 30 minute in store service. 
  • Hand massager for Arthritist and Carpal Tunnel
  • provides powerful air compression delivered through an innovative Air Glove design fully envelops the entire hand, from fingers to wrist total relaxation, and each finger individually. The 3D compression massage combined with our heat technology, provide a truly rewarding massage experience.
  • TOTAL HAND RELAXATION: Air cells rhythmically pressurize each finger individually for comprehensive coverage, With 38 sequential air cells enveloping the palm and each finger individually. And extended micro massage nodes deep into the wrist area, Effective to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, hand fatigue, arthritis pain relief, hand soreness, stiff finger joints pain and help you relax.
  • 3 MASSAGE MODES,3 TIMER & 3 LEVELS INTENSITY: This massager tool with an easy-to-read display which will display what areas massage you choose with LED light, 3 massage modes, Mode I: Covers the WHOLE hand – fingers, palm, and wrist, Mode II: Covers only the FINGERS AND PALM, Mode III: Covers only the PALM AND WRIST.