Common Herbs Used For Yoni Steaming

Common Herbs Used For Yoni Steaming

Common herbs used for vaginal steaming treatment and its benefits:

Mugwort - promotes suppressed menses.

Chamomile - soothes vaginal tissue

Nettle - Rich in iron, deeply nourishes the womb tissues after childbirth.

Rosemary - increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs.Oregano - soothing, brings circulations, and cleansing to the uterus.

Basil - uterine stimulant.

Comfrey - healing and soothing of vaginal tissues.

Motherwort - great for fatigue, cramps, and to aid relaxation.

Yarrow - astringent, cleansing, help fight infection.

 Raspberry leaf - strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant.

 Calendula - cleansing, lessens inflammation.

Lavender - antiseptic, sedative, relaxes nerves and muscles.

Fennel - helps in sexual function in menopausal women.

Rose petals - cooling and astringent to the vaginal tissues.

Sage - astringent, spiritual cleansing.

Marigold - helps reduce abdominal or menstrual cramps.

Plantain leaves - heals wounds and reduces inflammation.

Damiana - improves blood flow to sex organs, increases libido, reduces dryness, balances menopause symptoms.

Lemon balm - soothes menstrual cramps, relieves PMS symptoms and relaxes bladder and uterus spasms.

Violet leaves and flowers - moisturizing

Black Cohosh - relieves menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms such as mood swings and insomnia.

Marshmallow - helps treat urinary and bladder infections.

Dong Quai - balances estrogen levels and regulates menstrual cycles, increases libido levels and fertility. It also relieves symptoms of PMS, improves circulation, and detoxifies the blood.

Red Clover -  reduces hot flashes in menopausal women, relieves PMS symptoms, can help prevent cancer.

Cornsilk - diuretic, reduces inflammation and bacteria build up.

Uva Ursi - diuretic, astringent and muscle-relaxant.

Pau D’Arco bark - immune system stimulant, reduces inflammation.

Dandelion leaf - antioxidant and diuretic.

Wormwood - has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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