What Is A Herbal Yoni Steam?

If you haven’t heard about Yoni steaming, you might learn a thing or two from Robinson. The Yoni steaming process is not very well-known around Arkansas but it should be! I have blends of herbs for different purposes such as colon health, period cramps, joint pain, and so on. The blends of herbs go into hot water that turns into steam, Robinson explains. The hot water and herbs are inside a special seat for the steaming process.“The woman then sits on the seat and lets the steam clear the pores and detoxify the body.”

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Herbal Detox Products

Deluxe Ionic Foot Detox With Massage

Herbal Yoni Steaming (V-Steaming)

  • Cake Dry Shampoo Sheets (10 pack)

    Grabs oil from hair without leaving residue behindCruelty free and vegan. Totally-to-die-for. Naturally luxe beauty. On-the-go. Totally convenient. No oil, no fuss. There's a new dry shampoo player in town. Must-have sheets for on-the-go touch-ups: on a flight, surprise date, in between meetings, commuting to work, (the list is long, you get the idea!). Driven by natural ingredients, these oil-absorbent rice sheets are infused with transparent powder that grabs oil from your hair without leaving residue behind. Portable, effective, and so fun to use, these killer sheets will never leave your purse.

  • CoCo Crush

    Coco-Crush is pure, organic, non-GMO, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil8 oz. tubes100% natural and organicApplications include: face and body moisturizer, itch relief, hair conditioner , vaginal lube and more

  • Detox Charcoal Foot Patches 4 Pack

    Detox Foot PatchesFunction: This foot pad helps activating cells, relieving fatigue, possessing better quality of sleep, promote wellnessApplication: This foot care pad is suitable the sub-health population, great for the people who is under great stress, helping relieve pain and relaxHigh quality: Made of high quality material, don't worry anaphylaxis when use itEasy to use: Stick and spread the foot pad firmly onto the sole of your feet when sleeping, allow be tween 6-8 hours for full absorption before removing the pads.All natural health products, 100% organic ingredients, wood acid extract, bamboo vinegar extract, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant fiber, negative ion powder, dextrin; suitable for smokers, hangovers and long-time workers, spirits and people who are under great pressure.

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